The Other Side of Titlis

Look at the majestic Titlis from the mountain on the other side

View from the other side upon Titlis mountain
The Härzlisee (Heart Lake) at 1860 m.a.s.l.

Everybody does visit Titlis Mountain to walk upon the glacier. There you share this experience with thousands of visitors. If you like this, fair enough. But there is a great alternative. On the other side of Engelberg is another impressive mountain, which we can vistite. There is a cable-car that will bring us up to the Ristis Mountain at 1600 meters above sea level. From there we can take another cable-car that will bring us to the Härzlisee (the Heart Lake) which is at 1860 meters above sea level.

Impressive panoramic terrace on Mount Ristis

From both places we have a fantastic view upon the Mount Titlis, just with less people and in a rather homely way. Also are there cozy restaurants, in which we can have a nice local meal in a peaceful setting.


Cathedral in Engelberg

In Engelberg we also can visit the great rom.-kath. Cathedral along with the adjoining Monastery. There is also a show room, in which they demonstrate how the Swiss cheese is produced. In the same place is a small shop, which sells all kinds of local goods.