Zürich Daytime

Discover the hidden beautiful locations and places of Down Town Switzerland

On this tour we use the streetcar and we also walk for a while.
(We can do the tour as a “only walking tour”.)
First we visit the area around the St. Peter Church, the church with the biggest clock face in Europe!

Water fountain in the Centralhof

The romantic “Lindenhof” with the amazing view over the historical city, the charming “Centralhof” with the old water fountain, the hill of the “Waid” with the great panoramic sight over the city, the lake and the mountains. We admire the  “Eureka” monument of the famous Swiss artist Jean Tinguely placed at the border of the Lake of Zürich and many other great places on this unique and entertaining tour.

“Eureka” by Jean Tinguely at the lake border

These historical places of the city are not too often visited by visitors, but they are as (or even more) beautiful, as the main historical part of the city. Come and join me for a charming, refreshing and educating tour.

The romantic and relaxing Lindenhof