The Long Street Night Tour

Stroll through the most alive
night live district Zürich has to offer

This tour really could become a long tour!

The Long Street once was the Red Light District of Zürich. But things have changed. Today it is a lively mixture of Red Light, Music-Clubs, Trendy Bars and Fancy Restaurants. That crossover scene makes this district so unique in Zürich.

Walk with me through the lively streets, enjoy the cosmopolitan feeling, breath the pulsating flow of the crowds and have a lot of fun!
As said before: This tour could last a while!

The famous Long Street Bar
Long Street impression at night
The unique Olé Olé Bar


Zürich Daytime

Discover the hidden beautiful locations and places of Down Town Switzerland

On this tour we use the streetcar and we also walk for a while.
(We can do the tour as a “only walking tour”.)
First we visit the area around the St. Peter Church, the church with the biggest clock face in Europe!

Water fountain in the Centralhof

The romantic “Lindenhof” with the amazing view over the historical city, the charming “Centralhof” with the old water fountain, the hill of the “Waid” with the great panoramic sight over the city, the lake and the mountains. We admire the  “Eureka” monument of the famous Swiss artist Jean Tinguely placed at the border of the Lake of Zürich and many other great places on this unique and entertaining tour.

“Eureka” by Jean Tinguely at the lake border

These historical places of the city are not too often visited by visitors, but they are as (or even more) beautiful, as the main historical part of the city. Come and join me for a charming, refreshing and educating tour.

The romantic and relaxing Lindenhof

The Other Side of Titlis

Look at the majestic Titlis from the mountain on the other side

View from the other side upon Titlis mountain
The Härzlisee (Heart Lake) at 1860 m.a.s.l.

Everybody does visit Titlis Mountain to walk upon the glacier. There you share this experience with thousands of visitors. If you like this, fair enough. But there is a great alternative. On the other side of Engelberg is another impressive mountain, which we can vistite. There is a cable-car that will bring us up to the Ristis Mountain at 1600 meters above sea level. From there we can take another cable-car that will bring us to the Härzlisee (the Heart Lake) which is at 1860 meters above sea level.

Impressive panoramic terrace on Mount Ristis

From both places we have a fantastic view upon the Mount Titlis, just with less people and in a rather homely way. Also are there cozy restaurants, in which we can have a nice local meal in a peaceful setting.


Cathedral in Engelberg

In Engelberg we also can visit the great rom.-kath. Cathedral along with the adjoining Monastery. There is also a show room, in which they demonstrate how the Swiss cheese is produced. In the same place is a small shop, which sells all kinds of local goods.


Historical Switzerland Tour

Discover the region where Switzerland became a country in 1291.

Brunnen and the Lake of Lucern

Our first stopover ist the romantic town of Brunnen. This village is romantically situated at the border of the Lake of Lucern and offers a fantastic view over upon the lake and the surrounding mountains. Here we can walk a bit along the lake to enjoy the view and eventually have a cup of coffee.

The Tells Platte at the border of the Lake
Monument of Wilhelm Tell and his son

Then we drive a historical street along the charming Lake of Lucern towards Altdorf, which is the town where our national hero Wilhelm Tell did live. On the way we have the chance to visit a special historical site,  in relation with the legend, the Tells Platte.
In Altdorf there is a small but very interesting Tell Museum, which we can visit. We can walk through the historical village with narrow streets, a main plaza and beautiful half-timbered houses. We can have a drink in a street-coffee.

The old fashion cable-car in Biel-Kinzig

After that we drive for a short while the street up the montain to reach the cable-car station Biel-Kinzig, where we board an old fashion gondola, which will bring us up to 1750 meters above sea level. From there we have a breathtaking view towards the mountains and into the valley.
The absolute highlight of this tour.

View from the top of the mountain
Traditional Swiss mountain restaurant

With good walking shoes (strong sneakers will already do), we can walk for about one hour to the other side of the mountain, where we have another cable car waiting for us, to bring us down to the place where we have our car parked. On that easy, flat walking tour we have the chance to have a break in a traditional mountain restaurant and enjoy the beautiful view eating some local dish and drinking something.

Back at the parking place there is a small store, which sells local handmade beauty-products as well as local homemade cheese and meat products.
By now we will be very tired and exhausted, but surely we will have experienced an unforgettable and impressive day!
On the way back we can have another stopover at Brunnen.

Schaffhausen, Rhine Falls and Stein am Rhein

A very charming and changeful tour
to the north of Switzerland

The Rheinfall as to be seen everyday

On this tour we visit the northest part of Switzerland. We drive to Neuhausen, next to Schaffhausen, where we visit the biggest waterfall of Europe, the Rhine Falls. We walk along along the border of the amazing waterfall and if you want, you can take a small boat trip to see the waterfall from the near. There is also an opportunity to eat and drink something.

The Fort Munot in the heart of Schaffhausen

After that we drive to the city of Schaffhausen, where we walk along the cobblestone streets, see the historical houses and admire the magestic Fort of the Munot surrounded with wineyards, the national monument of the city built in the 17 century. There are some fine restaurnts, where you can have a fine meal.

Historical old houses in Stein am Rhein

Then we drive along the Rhein to the historical village of Stein am Rhein. On the way there we pass through beautiful wineyard fields with a breathtaking view. Arriving in Stein am Rhein will be the absolute highlight of this tour! The town feels like still beeing in the medievil time. Impressiv halftimberd houses well maintained around the main square is an unique experience. We take place at a fine street bistro at the square and enjoy the charming feeling with an excellent meal an a refreshing drink.