About me

Marcel  Lütolf

Born in Schaffhausen, just next to the Rheinfall, the biggest waterfall in Europe. I worked 25 years as a Graphical Designer for a famous newspaper in Zürich. Due my language skills, my travel experiences and the love for my beautiful country, I decided to change my devotion and dedicate my life to be a tour guide for Switzerland.
Soon I found out, that my humor was a great advantage in this field of work.

Since 2014 I work as a freelance tour guide for a renowned tour company in Zürich, as a personal tour guide for a local hotel and  as a guide for a regional travel company.

In the summertime my main hobby is to go hiking in the lovely Swiss mountains. To explore the off the beaten track regions, where I can regenerate and enjoy the quietness of nature. In winter I love to go skiing in the white arenas of my country and to do snowshoe walking on virgin snowhills.

I speak fluently English and Spanish, quite good French and Italian and of course German and Swiss-German.